The Fine Print

Please understand that while we try our very best to isolate foods that cause allergic reactions such as nuts, flour, milk, and eggs, our kitchens are not free of such ingredients. Our food preparation area is provincially approved, and our staff hold the proper sanitation and hygiene certificates.

When placing an order, please provide 3 days notice and ensure your order is minimum $60. A 10% service fee is required. A deposit may be required for beverage service. Any cancellations or changes must be made at least 3 days prior to the event date, or will be subject to a cancellation/change fee. Due to changing price of ingredients, prices are subject to change without notice. Once the order has been placed, a confirmation form will be sent to you, requesting your review and approval. Payment will be required either at the time of pick-up at the business location, at the time of delivery to client’s address for orders that do not require pick-up, or at the time of pick-up from the client’s address if such is agreed upon. We accept cash or cheque.

Although the majority of our foods are considered low to medium risk items, we do not recommend they be left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours. When possible keep foods refrigerated until ready to use, especially foods that are high risk. If requesting delivery, foods will be held at the proper temperatures until they reach their destination. Thereafter, it is the client’s responsibility to practice proper sanitation and health procedures. If leftovers are incurred and they have not been left at room temperature for an excessive amount of time, only continue to consume foods within a reasonable time afterwards.

Thank you and happy entertaining,

Undercover Gourmet Catering